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Debugging the Hibernate project with Eclipse


Trying to debug projects made using Apache Maven has not been something achieved with any success. Having been working at the periphery of the Hibernate source and submitting simple patches for the Ingres dialect and some tests I am now in a position to start debugging some of the issues discovered whilst testing. I have […]

Hibernate 3.5.0-Final released


Today, Hibernate 3.5.0 completes its development cycle and is announced as Final.

In the market for JDBC properties


It has been a while since my last post; head down updating the packages on the BI appliance, but that’s another story. Java and JDBC applications seem to be the plat du jour and trying to peel away the layers getting to the JDBC settings and queries being executed in some of the frameworks can […]

Donnez-moi un café Ingres


Pardon my French, but an Ingres Google Summer of Code project, Ingres CAFÉ, demonstrated at LinuxWorld and nominated for the LinuxWorld Product Excellence award was named winner over a number of other innovative projects that included TWiki OnDemand Enterprise. Ingres CAFÉ is a complete Web application development stack and runtime building upon Ingres 9.2.0, […]



It now seems a very long time ago, but last November I took part in a team meeting where we discussed how to evangelize Ingres within our own sphere of influence. Projects similar to the Playstation 3 port and the Eclipse DTP were mentioned as innovative. During the meeting I was asked to take a […]