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Ingres Migration Toolset


For the past few months the migration tool has been developed as an Eclipse plug-in as well as a stand-alone wizard.  The reasons behind this were to make use of the Eclipse development and runtime environments and with Apache maven and ant create a process for the release lifecycle.  Fortunately and timely Google donated WindowBuilder, recognized […]

Vectorise your data


I mentioned in a previous post UK IUA 2010 that Ingres announced the release of Ingres VectorWise.   During the announcement was a live demonstration using the Ingres Database Workbench; recorded for posterity.

Debugging the Hibernate project with Eclipse


Trying to debug projects made using Apache Maven has not been something achieved with any success. Having been working at the periphery of the Hibernate source and submitting simple patches for the Ingres dialect and some tests I am now in a position to start debugging some of the issues discovered whilst testing. I have […]

Eclipsecon 2010 – day4


Another session packed day kicked off by a rousing keynote from Robert C. Martin of Object Mentor Inc. entitled “Software Professionalism and the Art of Saying “No”. Robert touted a common sense approach to developing tests and software (and the order is important here). Being in the software industry for so long most/all of his […]

Button clicks do nothing in Ingres Database Workbench, Eclipse and its derivatives


On some distributions of Linux when running Eclipse and applications derived from Eclipse the buttons on dialogs whilst accepting clicks do not seem to do anything. After some minutes of frustration and even more minutes searching for an answer on Google I found this Any way the temporary solution is to set the environment […]

Hello, Eclipse calling …


A follow on post on setting up the Eclipse Communications Framework (ECF). If like me you have to work and communicate whilst connected to private systems, but from time-to-time need to collaborate with developers who are not privy to those systems then this article may help.  It describes how to install a plug-in into […]

Learning to share


Have you ever needed a discussion with a colleague or a mentor whilst you were coding?  Tried to in an instant messenger conversation and found switching between your editor and IM client frustrating? There is an project within Eclipse called the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) that transforms the Eclipse IDE into a instant collaboration tool […]

Donnez-moi un café Ingres


Pardon my French, but an Ingres Google Summer of Code project, Ingres CAFÉ, demonstrated at LinuxWorld and nominated for the LinuxWorld Product Excellence award was named winner over a number of other innovative projects that included TWiki OnDemand Enterprise. Ingres CAFÉ is a complete Web application development stack and runtime building upon Ingres 9.2.0, […]



It now seems a very long time ago, but last November I took part in a team meeting where we discussed how to evangelize Ingres within our own sphere of influence. Projects similar to the Playstation 3 port and the Eclipse DTP were mentioned as innovative. During the meeting I was asked to take a […]