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Hibernate 3.5.0-Final released


Today, Hibernate 3.5.0 completes its development cycle and is announced as Final.

EclipseCon 2010 – day3


Apologies for the late appearance of this and the next post, but the expansion of my mind during the conference caused it to short circuit. In addition I’ve been wondering how I could possibly describe the key note by Dr. Jeff Norris from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and provide a glimpse of just how awe […]

EclipseCon 2010 – day2


This morning saw a keynote presentation from Jeet Kaul (formally of Sun) and Steve Harris of Oracle. With the new developments in the pipeline for Java SE and Java EE it seems that Oracle’s Java is set to be all pervasive in devices ranging from the mobile platform and beyond to desktop and server. Demonstrations […]

EclipseCon 2010 – day1


It has been a busy opening day at EclipseCon 2010. I have been able to attend some lightning talks (~25 minutes) where a synopsis of a later presentation is given. Gives you an idea of the forthcoming content. The first session of the day involved an introductory presentation on the e4rover challenge – translation, control […]

Useful or useless? Follow on post …


Way back in May last year I experimented with some IMA tables that showed data types and operators defined in the DBMS.  Further poking around and a table for a list of the function instances is available, drop ima_dbms_fis; \p\g register table ima_dbms_fis ( server varchar(64) not null not default is ‘SERVER’, id integer4 not […]

Button clicks do nothing in Ingres Database Workbench, Eclipse and its derivatives


On some distributions of Linux when running Eclipse and applications derived from Eclipse the buttons on dialogs whilst accepting clicks do not seem to do anything. After some minutes of frustration and even more minutes searching for an answer on Google I found this Any way the temporary solution is to set the environment […]

More time flies when you’re distracted!


I put down my pen (keyboard) and looked away from the blog and when I looked up three months have passed and I have been remiss at writing articles.  Trying to decide on (what I think are) interesting articles is very taxing on my diminishing grey cells and I have to allocate more of them […]

Jasperserver 3.5 work in progress


As alluded to in a previous post I have been working with the Appliance development team on the Ingres Icebreaker BI appliance with Jasperserver 3.1 announced GA today. The work to keep up with the Jaspersoft release cycle is in progress and early functionality tests a re looking good. I’ve kept some brief notes on […]

In the market for JDBC properties


It has been a while since my last post; head down updating the packages on the BI appliance, but that’s another story. Java and JDBC applications seem to be the plat du jour and trying to peel away the layers getting to the JDBC settings and queries being executed in some of the frameworks can […]

Heraldic Enterprise Content Management


On February 25th the parents of the Ingres Icebreaker ECM Appliance announced its availability; the holistic product of Ingres Icebreaker and Alfresco Document Management Software. Although we immediately started on our next project the team did take a few moments to look up from the keyboard.  The release was well received by the press and […]