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Ingres 2006 Release 3 beta

The following just landed in my inbox from the IngresVIP mailing list:

The latest version of Ingres 2006 by Ingres has been released! This release is a beta version, preparing for the production version release, which will take place in Q1 2008.

The new Ingres 2006 Release 3 is designed to simplify development of sophisticated applications and delivers several outstanding benefits:

Improved Java development capabilities

  • Support of robust multi-language applications using UTF-8 and Unicode
  • Support for scrollable cursors
  • Support for LOB locators
  • New SQL functions
  • Support for larger decimal numbers

Improved Integration with Visual Studio

  • Connection string support for dbms_user, dbms_password, and charset
  • Improved mapping ANSI Interval Day To Second (DS) data type

Improved Availability and Reduced Administration

  • Improved exception handling and tracing
  • Extended capabilities of the locking and logging shared memory segment
  • Improved logging of recovery tools
  • Ability to restart Rollforward
  • Improved Storage and memory management through improved defaults
  • Automatic determination of table type on CREATE TABLE

Performance improvements

  • Connection Pooling in ODBC CLI
  • Streamlined Network listening
  • Faster string comparisons

The software can be downloaded here: