Improving the Improved –

As noted elsewhere this week saw the relaunch of the Ingres documentation site At last we have the ability to deep link into the documentation without having to do acrobatics to extract links in the docs, for example

has become

To get the URL for the first required some navigation of the documentation index, via the tree or via the search engine. Since Google is used by many people as their home page, even to search for it makes more sense that the documentation is more accessible from Google, Bing et. al.

One of the downsides with the new site is the use of screen real-estate. The main properties have their content squeezed in to 980px which is ok in the 1990 world of “This website supports 1024×786” resolutions. However in this day and age I would make the supposition that 1280×1024 would be more common, something that’s borne out by Valve Software’s monthly hardware survey. With the increasing trend towards wide-screen displays in laptops as well as desktop displays a 1440×900 resolution will become more common.

With this in mind I’ve put together a couple of hacks that when used with Google Chrome or the Firefox Greasemonkey addon – increases the amount of space used for the content to 60% of the width of the browser window. To install, click on the relevant link for your browser – note that the Greasemonkey script can be used with Google Chrome (from 4.0 onwards).

Once installed go to any page and after the page finishes loading the content area will be super-sized. If there’s any interest I’ll look into to how the page can be rendered full size without having to expand on screen.