PECL ingres-2.2.2 released

Yesterday I pushed out an update to the PHP driver for Ingres into the PHP Extension Community Library (PECL). Whilst it’s been labelled as a minor update there have been 15 fixes/additions to the driver:

– Update the unit tests to be more independent
– Add support for the Ingres BOOLEAN type
– Add ingres_fetch_assoc()
– Allow for a 0 offset in all ingres field functions
– Update build scripts for OpenVMS CSWS PHP 2.0
– Fix bug 17556 – Handle errors for non-result returning statements
– Fix bug 16960 – SEGV when fetching the results from a row producing procedure
– Fix bug 16990 – SEGV when executing a database procedure
– Fix bug 17510 – Fix php_ii_set_connect_options so they work as documented
– Fix bug 17302 – _close_statement is unable to free active statements
– Fix bug 17207 – Under certain conditions the driver can SEGV when doing cleaning up
– Fix bug 17198 – Unable to close non-result statements
– Fix bug 17092 – SIGBUS when fetching data on 64-bit Solaris
– IIapi_getDescriptor() should only be called for SELECT statements
– Fix bug 16752 – Send all string values as IIAPI_VCH_TYPE

You can download the source code from or install directly from the command line using the command:

sudo pecl install ingres-2.2.2

Pre-built Windows binaries are available from ESD for PHP 5.1.6, 5.2.13 and 5.3.2. An OpenVMS binary for CSWS PHP 2.0 will be updated today. You can raise questions/problems via the Ingres Community Forums, the project home page or via Service Desk.