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Ingres Ruby driver updated – version 1.4.1

Last week I pushed out a minor update for the Ingres Ruby driver to address issues seen in a soon to be published demo (more about that in another post). The changes in this new release are as follows: Fix #656 – getProcedureName() returns a non-NULL terminated procedure name Fix #653 – Update dynamically […]

Improving the Improved –

As noted elsewhere this week saw the relaunch of the Ingres documentation site At last we have the ability to deep link into the documentation without having to do acrobatics to extract links in the docs, for example has become To get the URL for the first required some navigation of the […]

Changes to the Ingres RPM installer

Over the last couple of days I’ve done couple of Ingres installations using the latest, bleeding edge, RPMs and have come across a change in behaviour that might catch you out, as indeed it did me. What follows is a more or less verbatim copy of the output from an install of the latest SVN […]

Ingres VectorWise Webinars

(Picked up from the forums). Ingres are broadcasting live webinars for Ingres VectorWise, starting this week. The first is entitled ‘Welcome to Ingres VectorWise” Join our Ingres System Engineers as they share a high-level overview of the Ingres VectorWise technology including a demonstration of the product. Find out more about this new feature and to […]

Ingres 10.0 – Escaping from the Ingres terminal monitor

For new users to Ingres quitting from the Ingres terminal monitor, tm or sql, just got easier. With change 2901 the terminal monitor has gone from this: to: No more ninja skills needed for executing a query or to escape from the terminal monitor.

Simplifying an OpenAPI trace log

Ingres’s OpenAPI C interface can be challenging at times especially when it comes to debugging or reading an API trace. For example, right now I’m trying to debug a problem in the PHP driver for Ingres. For some reason during the tear-down of the request the driver is unable to close a statement. Turning to […]