The domain planetingres.org was purchased to try and raise awareness for Ingres. What prompted the purchase of the domain was the announcement in 2004 by CA that the Ingres Relational Database Management System was to be open sourced. After sitting (not squatting, my legs hurt if I do that for too long) on the domain for a few months a blog was setup.

Ingres Rarely Asked Questions (Ing/RAQ)

  1. So how do you spell Ingres?
    One ‘s’ – all other mis-spellings, including those found in the documentation are typically caused by over zealous spell checkers
  2. So who are you really?
    Someone who has spent a fair few years working on Ingres and relies on its success to pay the bills.
  3. Is it true you are an Ingres employee?
    Yup, as I said I have a vested interest in the product since it pays the bills and my hardware addiction.
  4. But that means you can be influenced?
    Probably, but I am not trying to undermine a corrupt institute. I along with the company and its users wish the best for the products. So others can pay their bills and gadget addictions (should they have them).
  5. I want to write something for the site?
    Send it to the address below and it will be considered for submission. Or you can sign up for an account and write a post. Once approved it will be published.

Web SeƱor – grant (at) planetingres (dot) org (and contributing scribblers)